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We are explorers of LIFE, the REAL LIFE. We do not take Life for granted. We appreciate our most valuable gift and we are on a journey of discovery, what life is about.

Our fascinating experiences on how to connect with Life and be ONE with Life we're sharing on this website. Our journey leads to Happiness. The closer we get to the truth, the happier we become. And this is, what we want for you, too. Our mission is to invite you on the journey and go on the journey with you.  

We are partners in life and in business. Because of our background as architect (Annett) and graduate engineer (Hartmut) our methods are clear and structured so that you'll get the most out of it.

Let's get started together.  :-) 

Annett Heinzel & Hartmut von Schwiderski

aha life a brand of
AValueQuest Consulting GmbH   
Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.
aha life a brand of AValueQuest Consulting GmbH   Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.