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Why Does Real Life Takes Place Behind the Scenes?

Annett Heinzel shares in this video the one common core behind all your desires.

You'll discover the 3 simple step process to happiness - while watching this video you're already experiencing it. 

If you like going deeper, discover the Focused Consciousness Method.


John Lee Dumas interviewed by Annett Heinzel on how to achieve
Higher States of Consciousness.

In this one-of-a-kind interview you will discover spiritual insights of JLD, the founder and host of the award winning podcast >> Entrepreneurs On Fire <<!!! 

JLD shares the connection between higher consciousness and success, the importance of a clear mind, the role of inner guidance and much more!!! PREPARE TO IGNITE!

The Beauty of Life

Do you see the vastness of the sea and the vastness of the sky?
Do you see the amazing beauty of the sun, lightening everything?
Become aware, that you, the observer, are part of this amazing scenery... 

...the plants, the sand, the rocks, the water, and the air...
everything plays together harmoniously. And you are part of it.
Become aware of the amazing harmony within yourself.

Realize the relaxing benefit of observing. 
Check how you feel.
And now, take some time for yourself to observe.
Enjoy it and make observing a part of your daily routine.

Observe whenever you need a break 
or whenever you want to connect with yourself.
Nature Is My Business

Interview Brian Rose and Annett Heinzel 

In this interview Brian Rose, Founder & Host of London Real, talks with Annett about her first steps to start up her spiritual online business after having graduated the London Real Business Accelerator.

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aha life a brand of AValueQuest Consulting GmbH   Copyright 2020. All Rights Reserved.